Friday, December 12, 2014

Clamping a Boat

 I don't remember the exact moment that I realized that everything in the shop is easier to do if your work is clamped properly. Once that happened I embarked on a quest to get the right clamps for my shop.

 Not long ago I bought a Rockwell BenchJaw:

Rockwell BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench Vise RK9006

   It is a good tool and one that I use often.  While working on my boat project I returned to a previous clamping method because my back has been bothering me and I wanted to work at my small standing height bench.

I clamp a wooden hand screw to the bench

then use the hand screw as an adjustable vise.
  There are a variety of companies make hand screw clamps and I have found this is one area where there seems little difference from company to company. Also you can buy threaded stock and make your own clamps.

  In October my wife got a special birthday present and he seems to be everywhere all the time.

here Jr. is climbing onto the lumber rack
in the midst of the lumber checking things out!!

  The saving grace is that the cat is terrified of machine sounds so I don't have to worry that he will be under foot when I am running dangerous machines.  Otherwise, he is right in there helping.

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