Monday, November 10, 2014

Tova's Blocks

  My most recent shop project was completing some blocks to go to my Grand Daughter in Sweden. I make children's blocks from 1 1/4 inch poplar and leave them unfinished.  Poplar is harder than pine and usually has a bit of grain and colour to it.  My Grand Daughter Tova is getting name blocks as well as building blocks.  
  The letters were traced from a stencil I bought at the Dollar Store and then incised using hand carving chisels and a Dremel Tool. Since getting a variable speed Dremel tool I have found dozens of uses for it.  I have found it so useful for carving and craft projects that I don't even put the tool away, it hangs beside my bench all the time.

  I thought I would include the photo sent to me by a buddy.  I don't know where Brian got this picture of the oldest wooden door in England. This door is at Canterbury Cathedral and recently I heard it being talked about on QI, the television show from the BBC hosted by Stephen Fry.

  It is November and time to get working on those Christmas gifts.  Here is a link to a series of photos of past Christmas projects to help inspire you.

Lets turn off the TV and turn on the tools.

cheers, ian

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