Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday at Home

  Today's blog doesn't have one big over arching theme, because the  last couple of days hasn't featured a major project.

  This morning I delivered the 30 Cajons allowing me to reclaim space in my shop which desperately needs to be swept and vacuumed. 

  While I have been working in my shop my wife has started Christmas baking.  She has made nine different types of cookie, 150 cookies each type.
I got involved in a quick repair of Eva's necklace box, some how a grandchild managed to knock the back off of the box last weekend.  No big deal, a job for glue and clamps. (you can never have too many clamps.)
necklace case repaired,
the white back was the bit glued back on,

  One of my favourite wood workers on the Net is Izzy Swan at Think Woodworks. A while ago I watched his quick video, simple holder for woodworking plans.  I was a quick little build that solved a problem for him in his shop.

  I took that idea today and made a couple of changes to the document holder that Mr. Swan made.


 My holder is larger, 12 x 17 inches and has many more holes drilled in the front edge.  My plan is to use this holder as a working surface when I am drawing, painting and colouring with pencil crayon. I have been playing around with "Fine Art" for about a year.  Drawing and painting have proven to be a satisfying pastime for me that is portable, quiet and not too costly.
3 x 5 miniature that came third
at the Rockton World's Fair this past Thanksgiving
  Having a dedicated drawing board means that I can move my work around to chase good light and comfortable seating and as well to not have to put everything away every time I take a break.

 Aside from making the working surface larger and adding more pencil holes I opted not to use clips to hold the paper down, instead I screwed a thin strip of wood down at both ends of the top and slide the paper underneath the wood strip. I felt that this system for holding paper was more versatile than clips.  I recognize that this system will only hold 3 or 4 sheets of paper at a time effectively but I think that will not be an issue.

you can see the strip and screws in this photo
 It is nice to have a wood shop so that these simple tasks can be dealt with quickly and easily.

  It's the weekend, get out there and make something.

  cheers, ianw

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