Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Band Saw Scrap Bag

  Jack Houweling from You tube recently posted a video where he makes a small scrap bin that attaches by rare earth magnets to the table of his band saw.

  Jack's video was an inspiration to me because I seem to always have small bits of wood scattered around the floor by my band saw. The  wood on the floor interferes with moving the saw around the shop by jamming the wheels of my mobile base. 

typical band saw situation.

Instead of a wooden box I tried holding
 a shopping bag on with magnets.
The magnets weren't strong enough through the bag material,
so I attached the hooks that came with the magnets and
 made a modification to the bag.

I glued a strip of wood inside the bag and then drilled holes
through the bag and the wood strip.

  The arrangement with the wood strip supports the bag on the hooks and the hooks make it easy to lift off and empty.

   In the video Jack shows taking the scrap box to his table saw.  My table saw is a contractors saw with an aluminium top.

  I bought these magnets at a local surplus store.  When I bought the ten pack I was pretty sure that I would never find uses for all of the magnets. Now it appears that I will have used all ten magnets up in just a couple of weeks.

cheers, Ian 

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