Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bentley Factory Wood Shop

  Yes cars are steel and glass and high technology but when you want your car to look really good, you still need wood.

  Check out the video of the trim shop at Bentley working with walnut veneer.

sorting and matching sheets of veneer.

  My shop is not going to be doing anything as pain staking or as artful as shown in the video.  I have watched the video several times, I love how the final work is done by hand even though they have all the high technology in the world available.

 Having finished the drums I have some basic projects ahead of me and a couple of repairs to do. First, vacuuming, there is saw dust everywhere. Cutting and machining the baltic birch plywood created tonnes of dust, even though all my machines have dust collection. 

  The next round of shop projects will make less dust and much less noise which will be a welcome break from the recent factory like work environment. 

  Since this has turned into a Blog with wood working videos I think I'll share another video that I have watched a few times and maybe even shared here before.

Making wooden tool boxes.

  It seems like a relax, drink and beer and watch some movies kind of blog this time.
   So, relax.....


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