Saturday, February 1, 2014

The tools I used today?

  It is February 1st, overcast and lightly snowing.  I have been out and run various errands for the day and shovelled the drive way and side walk too. ( I guess a shovel is a tool) There was about 3 inches of dampish snow and it takes about 30 minutes for me to clear the driveway and side walk, working at a relaxed pace.

   I spent the requisite amount of time reading the paper and drinking coffee so the balance of the day was spent fussing about in the work shop.  At this time there is no big project in the works, but I still used up part of a day in the shop and used a bunch of tools.

  For a change I am going to look at the projects for the tools that were used.

   The pencil holder that I made last week needed an adjustment. I used the sliding mitre saw.  The holder now takes up less space in the bag which I take to my lessons on Thursday.  Of course I can't call a wood work project finished without sanding it, 120, 220, 320 grit

    Since this project was coming out of my shop I also gave it a quick spray with aerosol  varnish to keep it looking nice. So there was another tool, spray finish. 

    So what what else did I do.  I made two little shelves to go into the medicine cabinet in the basement bathroom.  I cut the shelves out of 3/8 plywood, and sanded the edges all round. (saw, sand paper).  In a fit of over-kill I decided to edge band the exposed edge of the plywood, over kill because the shelf will be painted gloss white to match the cabinet.  The edge banding is some pine that was trimmed off a board for a project a few months ago.  The ribbon of clear wood came off so clean I kept it knowing that some day....I would use it. (my buddy Ron calls me a wood junkie).  Tools used: glue, veneer roller, very sharp knife and of course glue.  

   I actually do make things from scratch, I needed a router, straight bit,  then a small carpenters gouge, and of course a block plane and sand paper.  
    Recently I have been taking drawing lessons and yesterday bought a straight pen and India ink.  To keep from wrecking the pen nib I made a little case to hold the pen.  In the bottom of the case is some wool rag waded up to protect the tip.

  Naturally I needed a saw to cut the wood to length.  I don't know of any project that doesn't need a saw.

  Another project that I finished and sprayed today was a wooded truck.  It was cut out on my band saw and the holes for the axles were drilled on the drill press. 

    A tool that makes it easy to hold these small projects for spraying is a gimlet.

  I bought a set like this years ago and have used them 100's of times to hold things while applying a finish.

  It is amazing how many tools I use when I have them available, I suspect that if I had fewer tools I would still crash around in a work shop trying to make stuff.

  cheers ianw

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