Monday, February 17, 2014

Dremel Flexible tool shaft

  Last week I bought another Dremel tool and this time I also bought the compatible flex shaft.

  I have had a Dremel rotary tool for a long time.  So long in fact that it is single speed and doesn't fit any of the fancy new accessories.  Even though the Dremel is an early era tool it has still been useful and well used.  I have used it most often to cut screws and threaded stock for making custom bolts. The high speed cutting disks are fragile but when used with care make a much nicer cut than a hacksaw, and are less work.  I fully expect to keep that old tool on hand for rough and ready jobs while I use my new variable speed tool for fine work and carving.

  Once I had the flex shaft attached to the rotary tool I decided to make a rack from which to hang it.  This way I can use the flex-shaft almost like using a pen.  With a very fine engraving tip I can do much finer work than I was ever able to to with the old style tool. The rack takes one clamp to attach to my work bench, so it is quick to set up and to move around.

  This Model of Dremel has variable speeds and I find that a boon to my carving.  At full speed the tool cuts just to fast for me to keep under control all the time.  When carving the occasional  opps is a big problem. I like being able to reduce the speed/cutting and take extra time to get the fine carving done.  



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