Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wonderful Workshop Helper

   This as another of those Opa videos that just have to be posted.

   Kieran is an excellent sweeper and this time he wanted to learn the names of some of the shop's machines.  He learned about the table saw and the band saw.  That is how I started in my Grampa's shop 50+ years ago.

   We played a game where Grampa said he couldn't find a certain tool and needed me to help him find it.  That way I learned my way around his shop and the name of the tools, while helping him out.

  We had to sweep because we built another bird house together.

   Kieran smearing glue on the barn board before we put it together with Miller Dowels.  This was his first time hammering with a real hammer, and he was pretty good at it too. (not that I am biased in anyway)

   The finished bird house with a proud pair of woodworkers.

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