Friday, August 23, 2013

High Stool

A very  long time ago I sat on this stool at the dinner table in my Grandparents house once I got too big for a High Chair but not big enough for a "grown ups" chair.  When I was finished with it my brother sat on it.  When my Grand father sold the house and contents and went into a nursing home the stool ended up at my parents house, where my Mother painted it.                                            


    Once it ended up in my house the stool began to live a hard life in my workshop, but there was never any question of getting rid of it.

    Now Kieran is to big for a high chair and not big enough for a "grown up" chair.  It is time to strip the chair and give it the custom paint job that he has requested.  He would like blue with a boat on it, the mouse went nicely with my Mother's cat themed art.

    I always thought that the stool had been purchased for ME.  I discovered that even though my Grama and Grampa thought ( wisely, for old people are all wise aren't we) the sun rose and set on my their golden haired grandson that the stool is actually even old than me.  My Mom says that the stool came from either my Grama's Mom's house or from my Great Father's house, so the stool is easily 60+ years old.

  When I decided to strip the many layers of paint off the stool I turned to my heat gun and scrapping tools of various types.

  The result:

      All the pieces are stripped and ready to be sanded smooth before painting.  I will assemble the stool and then lay on royal blue stray paint.  There were several layers of paint and each of the colours had been laid on thick.  There are many years of wear and tear and a gallon or so of paint trying to cover it up.

    I used my heat gun in the garage with the door open so that the fumes that were coming off the paint was blown away while I worked.   Now a little bit of sanding a and a dab of wood filler and the stool will be as good as new and ready for my children's, children's children to sit on.  I cause you can't guess, that's Why Wood.

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