Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Version of the Moxon Style Vise

  Readers of this blog know that I love good tools.  I especially love having the right tool for the job.  I was raised hearing my Grandfather and Father say, "it is a poor craftsman that blames his tools".  I try to have quality tools that will not let me down or hinder my work, ( so I only have myself to blame)  but I also have a limited budget and a finite amount of shop space.  The shop space means that I prefer to have speciality tools that get used regularly or tools that a versatile and have multiple applications. 

   Recently I talked about my KREG Klamp Table  and mention how I was considering a Moxon style vise for use while cutting dovetails and other hand saw tasks.

the classic Moxon vise from Bench Craft
    After further consideration, I don't do that much hand work and  a specialised vise would spent plenty of time sitting on a shelf.  There are times when a vise like this would make life easier so I arrived at a compromise solution that I think will work well for the foreseeable future.
    I decided to clamp a 12 inch wooden hand screw  clamp to my Klamp Table at one corner and then clamp a supporting board across the table to keep it stable when in use.  Now I have 6 inches of solid vertical clamping.

   If the board is so large that one clamp will not support it alone I can clamp another hand screw to the table with ease and carry on with my work.  

   This is not fashionable, but it is effective and cost effective and doesn't add "stuff" to my shop space.

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