Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Door Gets Its Windows

   I have been writing about this door for at least a year.  To save you from having to check back this is the short version.  We bought a door at the Re-Store, a set of louvres at a second hand store.  I remade the door so that the lower section was louvred and then built a frame for the top to hold 12 window panes made from coloured glass by Eva.

   This is the finished door.  Several of the panes have sea shells embedded into the design.

   This is the pane in the upper right hand corner, the shell is slightly transparent and the effect is quite remarkable, so I think this is my favourite window pane of the whole bunch.

  To hold the panes in place we used some chalking and two very small pieces of trim, one on top and the other on the bottom.  In the trim I drilled two small holes and then drove two nails through the trim into the window frame.  I suspect that disarming a bomb is nerve racking, swinging a hammer near a hand made pane of stained glass is just as nerve racking, (I suspect); the solution, nail sets.  I could not have driven the nails without using the large nail set to get the hammer away from the glass.  The result was 12 window panes installed, no cracks in the glass.

cheers,  Ian W

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