Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Garden

   While working in the wood shop is one of the loves of my life, it is hard to deny the attraction of a garden in bloom.

   I love roses and when we bought this house we hoped the light and soil would be good for roses.  Time has proven our yard to be better than we had hoped.   

   To keep gardens this size under control we use bushels of mulch, actually two truck loads in the last couple of seasons. In spite of our best efforts there is always weeding to be done, weeding amongst the roses is exciting, believe me. ( it can also be filled with remembrances  or just plain old scratches, it is something like trying to give a cat a pill.) 

   We have a fair amount of garden space and gardening, like work shop activity is made easier with quality tools, and in our garden gloves are a must too.

annual hibiscus  from our garden

this hibiscus lives inside all winter, but is out on the deck for summer holiday now.

      Not every flower is a rose, hibiscus are very lovely too.

  These lilies haven't happen yet but when they arrive they are spectacular too.


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