Monday, June 3, 2013

Wood gets in your blood

   I believe that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.  I you grew up watching your Dad fiddle with old cars that is  likely your area of interest, equally, if you grew up around Wood people their actions couldn't help but rub off on you. It might also have helped by there being tools laying about with which you could play.

    Aside from shops, docks and a wooden boat or two something I remember my Father doing with wood was whittle.  He made dozens of turtles and feathers.  My Father also whittled walking sticks from wild cherry with burls for the handles.

    My Grand Father made six or seven wooden boats as well as renovated their houses.  I can also remember my Grampa making me whistle like in this video.

  Neither Father or  Grand Father are around any longer, happily there are some tools, some timeless projects and a few workshop tricks remaining.

take a look and see what has available to make for a memorable Father's Day this year.

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