Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Three Lids

 I began a lathe project a while ago and made a 'screw chuck'.  After some more quality grand kid time I was back into the shop to finish this up-cycle project.

  Having been too cheap to throw these yogurt jars away I now have three usable jars with lovely wooded lids.  It was a cheap lathe project given that all the wood is left overs from the scrap bin and the jars were from the recycling bin.

  I have one lid of oak with a wax finish.  The middle lid is made from a tree branch.

  I really liked the result.  I used hemp oil as the finish.

  And the third lid is Brazilian cherry. It chipped the easiest of the three woods but did give a nice result with an oil finish as well.

   Wood turning on the lathe is an artistic outlet for a wood worker.  Lathes aren't that costly, you can do many projects on smaller lathes. Chisels can be as basic as home made or as costly as custom made. The only place you shouldn't cut corners is on dust masks and eye protection.

  It is always nice to knock off a little project that turns out well.

cheers, ianw

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