Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Excellent Jig Saw Project

  I have been a fan of Izzy Swan at for a few years now.  He sometimes makes crazy things but often makes useful things too.  This folding stool project is an excellent jig saw project, and as he says in the professional video it can be made using only a jig saw. The entire project requires only a saw, drill, glue and sand paper. Nice.  Notice Mr. Swan reminds you to use a good saw blade. Sharp tools make all jobs easier.

  This project of Mr. Swan's has many things to recommend it to a home work shop guy.  It is basic enough that it need not be intimidating. Further this project can be made in volume if one wanted to equip a play room or to sell the stools at a yard sale. Once you get the patterns set you can cut out lots of parts at one time.  Lastly the shape and design are classic enough that you could be finished in many different ways for many different looks.

cheers ian

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