Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dremel/Carving Project - Maui's Hook

  I have a grand daughter that has nearly memorised Moana and so I thought I would make her her own magic hook.  I started with a piece of maple and cut the basic shape on the band saw. Once the basic shape was established it became a carving/shaping project.  This type of project is always a challenge to clamp, this is where my foot powered vice earns its keep. I made the foot vice/hold down several years ago .

  The wooded frame clamps to the work table, in this case my KREG Klamp table. I hold the rope down with my foot and that provides enough clamping pressure to enable me to use my Dremel tools to shape the project. 

  If you look closely you can see a work station that features all the tools that you need for shaping a magic fish hook.  I have two Dremel tools, needle files, sanding blocks and card scrapers all of which I can roll into the best light in the shop. If I am working on two projects at once I can roll this entire work station out of the way and carry on with out having to put all of these tools away.

  I have to do some wood burning on the hook and lay on couple of coats of vanish and then we wait to see what sort of magic is in the hook.


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