Monday, March 27, 2017

Corner Clamping Jigs and Glass Shelf

  I don't make many large projects any more but when I do I wish I had at least one more pair of hands.  Recently I watched a video from Stumpy Nubs Woodworking. I like Stumpy because he makes many of his own tools.  The video I watched was Moustache Mike making corner clamping jigs. 

  After all these years I finally make a set of jigs and used them today.
my jigs are red.

made today, used today.
  I used the clamps to help me make the last part of the glass storage unit. I added the dividers  in the lower left hand section of the shelf unit and now it is done.

  Look at the mess.  I make five small jigs and a bit of a divider in 3/4 plywood and my work space is again buried in tools and gear.

  After supper I will turn on some music, make a coffee and clean the place up, again.
 cheers, ianw

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