Saturday, March 18, 2017

Yesterday Brutes, today Fine Tools

  A workshop that does everything, building, crafting and repairing projects makes life interesting and allows me to gather together all sort of tools.  Here are photos of some of my fine work tools, small clamps, gauges, knives and things.

  The thing in the centre is a drill bit holder for, very very fine drill bits.  I've used those drill bits when repairing jewellery.  The plumb bob and small router plane look like big tools in this group.

  Clamps, pliers, forceps and a pin vise.  I use these to make things like noses for small wood carvings. Or to hold a small piece while boring a hole in it.

  Again larger small tools. A scraper, a dentist's pick as well as more common tools.  The very fine tipped nail set comes in handy when setting fine pins. 

  All these tools have been gathered up over the last 15 years, usually at random while at wood shops or speciality shops. Each of these tools get used, some more than others but they all get used.

  My big shop news is that my 7 1/2 year old Grandson used the band saw by himself for the first time today.  I am trying to teach him all the safety tips and tricks that I learned from  books and experience so that he is confident and safe when using the saw.  A while ago we worked with the drill press and he is pretty comfortable with that now and to day we added the band saw.  

cheers, ianw

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