Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sharing Two Videos

  I bumped into a You Tube site recently and thought that I would share a couple of the videos with you today.  I have taken a couple of days off from the shop again.  My back doesn't let me work actively for very many days in a row.  Last week I was building a fairly large and awkward storage unit and so needed a couple of days with no lifting or twisting.

  The first video shows a Japanese style saw I've not heard of before in use.

  That looks like a very good one person saw for heavy work. 

  The second video is making small saw horses.

  When I first started wood working I had a few tools and worked in my parent's car port or patio. My next project is going to be too heavy to carry up stairs so I am going to be working in our garage.  The circle of saw dust goes around and around.  It is wonderful to have a shop, and tonnes of tools, it isn't absolutely necessary if you have desire and a flexible back.
cheers, ianw

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