Monday, March 13, 2017

Completed Drawer, Project #7ish - A painting trick too

I completed the drawer last evening.  It fits in beside the white refrigerator drawer snugly.  

  When a box is made using dadoes it can be glued together without needing any fasteners,

  although you do need a bunch of clamps.  Once the glue dried over night I added some nails and screws to increase the rigidity of the drawer.   

  Having decided that I wanted to paint the project white I used a trick I learned from Izzy Swan.  Recently I saw, but now can't relocate a video of Izzy drying latex paint with his propane torch, fast.  I modified his method by drying the white paint with my heat gun.(almost as fast)  

Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun 016507780

  I used the highest heat level  to dry the paint, and by moving it around steadily I didn't have any troubles.  Using the fast dry method last evening I put on two coats of paint in 30 minutes, including clean up.   I like the idea of very short drying times.  

cheers ianw

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