Saturday, November 12, 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On my way home from our church's Christmas Bazaar I saw, sitting on the side of the road an opportunity. 

   This chest of drawers is in rough(ish) shape, on the outside.  There are stains on the front and one side, the feet are broken off the chest and some of the paint has been chipped.


  The drawers have solid wood sides with plywood bottoms.  I expect that the wood underneath the paint is veneer on solid wood.

  What do I do now?  My first thought was to break this piece up and use the drawer sides for other projects but...I could repair the bottom and install new legs.  The staining can be washed off and the nicks in the paint can be filled and sanded.  I would never try to return this piece to bare wood but it could be made to look good if carefully painted.  I now have to decide what to do.  We certainly do not need another chest of drawers, I guess we'll have to find out if someone else could use one.

 I've included a small bench build video with today's blog.  It is similar to my bench top bench from last June.   I use the clamping capabilities of my small bench regularly. Especially when I am sawing and shaping smaller pieces of wood by hand. 

  cheers, ianw

p.s. I love fall colours.

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