Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How Wooden Barrels are made.....

  There are many different wood working trades and although some of the trades' skills have fallen out of use there are still a specialised wood working skills that are interesting to me.

 For example, there are still a few highly skilled wooden boat builders left. Not everyone can afford or wants a steel boat.  There are many, many plans for small boats on the net and if you search you will find several evening's worth of entertainment watching boats built and repaired. But there are still some boat yards that will make a traditional wooden sailing boat, a boat like that must be amazing to sail upon

Another specialised wood working skill is bow making.

  I have used several different kinds of bows in my life. At one time I was a Boy Scout Competition Camp archery champion and I recognise the advantages of high tech bows, but do like the feel of a wooden long bow.  Feel and emotion are allowed to trump practicality since I don't hunt my own food.

  Another common wooden object for many hundreds of years were a wooden pulleys.

  Bellows are ornaments in most houses, if they exist at all. But once, a wood worker made bellows in all sizes for all uses, including huge bellows for forges. 

  In many cases a wood worker combined their skills with those of black smiths, rope makers, leather workers and a whole host of other skilled craftsmen to make our lives better.  

  In a world filled with mass produced, and plastic things we who are lucky enough to be wood workers should be Thankful for our work shops and our tools.

  And as almost an after thought the noble cooper.  This video is what started my mind to wander down the non-carpenter path.

  On a cold evening cruise around the internet to see and encourage your fellow woodworkers, young and old.

  What did I do in my shop yesterday?  I added some wood burned details to my small projects. Here is a video of a traditional style of traditional wood burning from Korea,.  I encourage you to check out the entire series of videos. I am not traditional or as artistic, but I love to play with wood.

cheers, ianw

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