Thursday, November 17, 2016

Coffee Maker in the Work Shop

  In my shop I have several coffee cups that are variations on this design. The moustache cups date from my waxed moustache days in the army reserves. The problem with a moustache cup is my single serve drip/filter coffee makers doesn't sit flat on it.

  The filter holder sits to one side and will tip off if I am not vigilant, and often in the shop I am distracted. So...there are coffee stains all over my shop.

  The solution is a simple shop project.  That I saw on the internet, but was not clever enough on my own to think of. I made this holder from my scrap bin since it is a prototype. I think I will make a couple of nicer versions and give them away as gifts this Christmas season. I need to go to a cheap clearance store and buy a couple of single filter holders first.

  I have most of my Christmas gifts planned, and of course they won't appear in the blog until after the holidays. I don't want to give away any surprises.

  Also today I embarked on a repair for 10,000 Villages.  

  This chess board had two pronounced scratches that I scraped out with a very thin cabinet scraper.  After the scratches were gone I cleaned the top with alcohol to remove any  wax and have started  the process of applying ten or so light coats of spray varnish to rebuild the depth of finish in the areas that had been scratched.  I think in certain light situations the variation in the finish will be visible, but the scratches were visible in all lighting situations.  Once the varnish coats are dry I will give the top a good buffing with polish and it will be as good as new.(in most lights).

cheers, ianw

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