Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pocket Hole Plug Maker

  I made a step stool using Kreg pocket hole jig and wood plugs a few years ago.  Over the course of my time as a sales representative I made dozens of step stools following this pattern.

  This is the stool that lives in our kitchen and is used to reach to the back of the highest cupboards and is made from poplar with walnut wood plugs.  Kreg Company sells wood plugs in a variety of woods.  But if you are working on a project and want plugs from a type of wood not supplied you can make your own pocket hole wood plugs by following this excellent instructional video:

  As a seasonal side line I am going to take a couple of paragraphs and talk about the Rockton World's Fair.  A local fall fair in which my wife and I have entered many competitions and for which we also volunteer each year. 

  This is Eva's haul from the fair this year.  She won most points in food, as well as winning ribbons for roses and stained glass crafts.

  My winnings were more modest, but two of my wood working projects got ribbons.

  Another aspect of the fair is sponsoring events.  I sponsor five of the cookie categories and as the sponsor I get to keep the winning entries.

 So for $10.00 I get 25 first place cookies.  More cookies than will fit into my workshop cookie jar as you can see by the overflow on the plate. I encourage everyone to get connected with their local fair.  Enter, there are several hundred categories for arts and crafts, food and preserves...or sponsor an event it adds to the fun and deepens your connection to the fair.

cheers ianw


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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