Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Build a Track Saw

  Many major manufacturers build a track saws now days.  A good track saw costs as much or more than a contractor's table saw and so owning both may be cost prohibitive for a D.I.Y wood worker. Given that situation most of us are inclined to buy the table saw, it is after all the tool that we grew up using.

  This video by D.I.Y. Creators shows how to make a track saw that might inspire a person to really explore what a track saw can do.  This improvised system should show whether the full expense of a track saw is good value.

 This homemade version should be more accurate than the methods that do no include installing runners on the base of the saw. All that is missing is the plunge feature.  

  Secondlys a shout out to my Hand Tool woodworking followers I am including this video of making Japanese saw horses.

  Very interesting, but I don't think my back will allow working on the floor.  It is a solution to the problem of too small a shop.  Could be the the future of condo/apartment work shops?

 cheers, ianw
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