Sunday, October 9, 2016

Folding Saw Horses done, Fish Begun

  Recently the plea went forth "my kingdom for  a saw horse". But not a really large awkward horse that takes too much space.  I researched and found a great video for folding saw horses from "Wood Working for Mere Mortals".   I made two horses following Steve's plans, more or less.  I found the strap hinges I used to be pretty flimsy and so I needed to add extra cross bracing to the moving pair of legs.  My horses are made from reused 2 x 4 and that wasn't a good idea either. The boards were pretty twisty requiring the bracing to be fitted individually.  All together though, two steady, stable folding saw horses. 

  Sitting on my work  bench now is a fish. I band sawed a fish shaped garden ornament  from more recycled material. The tail had to be glued together and so is drying before I shape the wood.  I plan to use a 4 1/2 inch grinder with a sanding disk and carbide rasps on my  oscillating multi-tool.

  Once the basic shape is achieved I will add on fins and gills from contrasting wood then finish the fish with deck sealer and let it swim through the garden.


 cheers, ianw

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

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* enjoy a ham for the holiday*

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