Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Other Hand Skills

  Over the weekend my grand kids were here for a couple of days.  My Grandson and I worked in the wood shop on another boat and we built a hand cranked crane together.  This crane clamps to the railing at the top of our stair rails and the kids lower and raise a clamp on the string. 

  The crane pivots on a bolt

  I needed a knob on the handle and I used a twist-on wire connector.  I drilled a hole and put a small bolt through and threaded the twist-on, on.  It was quick easy and strong.

  This project added a new tool to my grandson's woodworking experience.  We drilled several holes using the drill press and he really liked and understands the tool.  Now every hole needs to be drilled using the drill press so that the depth can be controlled and the holes will be drilled at right angles to the materials. 

  I would say that a drill press is a critical shop tool.  It can't replace a cordless hand drill totally but the drill press enables you to drill larger holes safely and accurately.

  The other serious project was with my grand daughter.  We mixed up and baked a cake.  It was a cake mix, but....we did a good job.

  I  covered the cake with icing and a bit of piping and then Clara got going on the decorating.  Clara is five and loves candy but Oma's taste has out grown gummy worms.  Oma likes chocolate, so the cake is chocolate, with chocolate butter cream icing with dark and white chocolate bits and chocolate coated almonds.

  Wood working is good, but it is a good idea to have other tricks up your sleeve. 

cheers, Ian

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