Monday, October 6, 2014

Woodstock Wood Show & Beginning Thoughts about Setting Up Shop

  This past weekend I came out of retirement and stood in a booth at the Woodstock Wood Show.  Today I am not doing much of anything because I am very tired and sore.  I haven't stood without a break for 8 hours in a long long time and my legs weren't used to it.

 Setting aside the complaining about being old and tired I have to say, it was a good time.  The show has begun to improve and get interesting again.  There were some new things to see and work shop ideas to kick around.

 I worked in a booth featuring Laguna Band Saws. I really think they are the new generation of band saws and having one in your shop could change your method of work significantly.


   Another tool that I gave my attention was the track saw/plunge cut saw.
Makita SP6000x1 6-1/2'' Plunge Cut Circular Saw and 55 inch Rail

  I will have to think very hard about replacing my contractor's table saw when it's time comes.  I can see for a small shop a Plunge Cut Track saw replacing a small table saw.  With a good track saw and a couple of extra jigs one might not need a sliding mitre saw either.

  To eliminate a table saw and a mitre saw would require a re-think about method of work and benches vs. saw horses but I can see a way to do good work, in a small space with precision using a good band saw and a quality track saw that would not have been possible a just a few years ago. 

  As a foot note regarding the Woodstock Wood Show.  I have been going to wood shows for a very long time and worked booths in shows for at least ten years for various companies both large and small.  In years past there were many wood shows each winter, it got to be too many and then the quality began to fall.  Now I think there is only Woodstock and Hamilton that have real wood shows planned for this winter.  This year's Woodstock show showed strong improvement and appears to be interested in continuing to improve if yesterday's discussions with vendors in any indication.  I think the entire exercise was positive and I hope promises good things for the future.  I am looking forward to the Hamilton Wood Show in the new year.

  Tomorrow I should be rested enough to get into the shop and repair that sewing box and start something new.

  cheers, ianw.

p.s.- getting older is no fun, but it beats the alternative. 

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