Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rockton World's Fair - 15 years of parking

  The annual fall fair at Rockton Ontario is in its over 150 years old and has been of interest to my wife's family since her children were in elementary school.  My roots at the fair don't go back as far but I still have 15 years experience volunteering with the parking committee.  I spend a couple of hours directing cars in the back parking lot on Friday evening and feel it is easy work in support of a good cause. (unless it rains, then I'm not so keen)

  As well as volunteering we enter our work in a variety of categories.  Mostly food related.  This year Eva gets the trophy for the most accumulated points in Food and I won the category for most points in bread.  I won a First and three Seconds, four loaves, four ribbons.  Next year I guess I need to enter all six sections.
   Also this year Eva entered stained glass Christmas ornaments, and won and I entered wood carving and came second. So the workshop and the kitchen got a workout for the fair.

  As you can tell this isn't realy about wood working, not this weekend, it is about the fair.  Actually I finished the repair on the sewing box and delivered it yesterday on my way to the fair. And since our grandchildren are due to arrive shortly I my have a repair to do on a toy or two but mostly it is not a workshop related weekend.

  A special shout out to two local companies that are regular supporters of the fair:
 Altra Rentals for their mobile lighting systems, the lights are a real boon in that back parking lot, and
Skyway Rentals, who supplied golf carts to be used as shuttles from the far corners of the Kerigan Parking lot to the admission gate.
thank you for the support.

 Ian W. fair associate.

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