Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Victory Wood Products

While I was at the Woodstock Wood Show I met a young fellow that is doing some really nice wood working.  I have known Rich for a number years as a industrial mechanic in the London Ontario area but didn't know that he was also a fine wood worker.  Victory Wood Products is Rich's site and features some lovely musical instruments including: 

uke web
baritone ukulele
16/17 Hammered Dulcimer
hammer dulcimer 

as well as smaller projects.  Victory Wood Products will even make knobs  either 1/4-20 0r 3/8-16 with their CNC machine.

Five point knob in oak

It is good to encourage local craftsmen and to encourage the next generation of wood workers too.

  I picked to two tools for an upcoming project while at the Wood Show.  I added a KREG KMA 2675 Rip Cut to my bag of tricks.

Kreg KMA2675 Rip Cut Circular Saw Guide

Freud 7¼-ich Thin Kerf Finish 40T

  My initial impression is that this combination of jig, blade and my Makita saw  will enable me to break down plywood easier and with a much cleaner cut.  Once I get into Cajon drum box kit production I'll let you know how I feel about but quality and accuracy.

  The repair project

is coming along.  I have taken all the broken bits apart and glued most of them back together.  What remains is the re-attaching of the repaired handle, the original method was to attach the handle with nails and glue, I think my repair is going to use nice a brass screw and some glue.

  I have some wood burning projects to do as well as baking bread to compete in the local fall fair, these are just a couple of things I like to do that are keeping me out of the shop just now. There will be lots of time in the shop come winter, and winter is coming.

cheers, ianw 


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