Sunday, July 20, 2014

bbq paddle

   These two things go together, though how is not too obvious.  No this is not a BBQ brush, there are no wire bristles hidden on the underside.


  It is a Grill Paddle.  I can't claim it as my own invention, I saw a similar tool at a restaurant years ago.  I suspect that just like you and I they got tired of buying grill brushes.  Over the years I have bought many brushes, I even used a welding shop wire brush for a while. Getting the grill clean with a brush wrecked the brush quickly and didn't really clean the grill all that well.  

   As this BBQ season got rolling I chewed up another brush, then had an inspiration. As we drove by the neighbourhood that had the restaurant I thought of the Paddle. So, I knocked out this little beauty  on my band saw and softened all the edges with my random orbital sander.

   The grill paddle works best when the grill is HOT.  I crank the gas up and scrap the grill down before putting the food on.   After cooking, I just ignore the grill until the next time.

  My Grill Paddle is 22 by 4 1/2 inches at the broad end and made from clear pine. You can see here I am  pushing the paddle along the hot grill.

  There are burn marks on the wood already and I've only used the paddle twice. The hot grill cuts channels into the wood that align with the grill bars and make cleaning quick and easy.  Effectively I have a 'custom grill paddle'. Since this paddle is 3/4 I can use it to clean between the steel bars on the grill too.

  Why use this instead of a steel/brass wire brush?  

Have you ever wondered where all the little bits of wire go? I do. 

Do you hate wasting money on cheap junky tools like the standard BBQ brush? I do. 

Do you like making stuff that is useful in your house? I really do. 

And this paddle cleans up the BBQ as well as any wire brush I've even used.

Heat up the BBQ and try it out.

cheers ianw

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