Monday, September 23, 2013

Spline Jig

  My recent resolution, or realization that I  like to make boxes and so that is what I am going to make, has lead to the creation of a bunch of small boxes recently.

  I have done some serious research on the net and in the library (yes, I like real books) and the authors have peaked my interest regarding methods of box making.  There are many different corner joints available and a variety of lids and hinges to try too.

  This weekend the paint dried on my most recent box construction jig. An active furniture maker has his specialized tools and jigs, why won't a box maker?

Active followers of this blog know that all my jigs get painted red.  

 This is not an original jig, nor an original idea but is was super easy to make and use.

   The first time I used it was one of those, " duh" moments.  Jeez Louise it is easy, safe and adds that little be more Bling to a boring old box.

  Since the slot is cut by your table saw blade you know exactly how thin a strip to rip off a contrasting board for the spline. I put a dab of glue in the slots, slid in the spline and leave it to dry. 

     This photo is another box with its wood splines sawed off and sanded.  The wood is spruce, but it looks as though there is some spalting or something happening.  It does make for a rustic sort of look and the dark splines make for a nice contrast. 

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