Friday, September 20, 2013

Box Topping Day

   Yesterday's boxes glue is dry and they have been sanded to 180 grit.  Now it is time for tops.

   The box with the mitre corners got an inset lid.

    I round over the edges of the lid a little bit so that there is a lip for your fingers to grasp.  Making a lid like this is simple and easy.  First I trace the top of the box onto the board that from which I am going to make the lid. Then I head to my router table and using a straight bit and my fence I gradually cut away material until the lid fits into the box.  Remember this only works if your box is square and the sides are all the same thickness.

  The other box was the butt joint box and I made a hinged lid for it.
the whole lid is a hinge. you can see the 1/8 inch brass  rod that is the pivot point for the hinge.  I drilled through the side and about 3/4 inch into the lid.  When I drill these tops I clamp the lid in place and drill through the side and into the top all at once.
 For me a drill press is necessity to get the holes straight and true.

  For this box I cut a thumb spot into the lid to make opening it easier.  It is easy to make that little round thumb hole, I used my sander and a 2 inch drum.  On this box the lid appears thicker than the other but is is not, it is just that the full thickness of the wood is visible.  I used the thickness so that the hinge wouldn't be liable to break as easily. When you make this sort of lid you must round over the side so that there is clearance for the turn.

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