Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finger Puppet

   10,000 Villages is one of my favourite charities.  I support 10,000 Villages with wood work.  I have been repairing products for them for a couple of years now, it is a great way to do something for our  community. Recently I was asked to make something, rather than just repair a product  that got beat up in transit.


    I was asked to make a Finger Puppet display board.  It is 5/8 dowels, 10 holes and a base board.  Easy!

  You know why I liked making it?  It is nice to make stuff that some one needs.  Not all projects have to be high art.  It is also nice to put my tools to use in a good cause, and 10,000 Villages is a good cause.  Thirdly it reminds me that even small things require a bunch of tools, and not everyone has them.  I had the board laying around down stairs but had to buy the dowel, big deal.  To make the display stand I needed a saw, a drill press, a 5/8 inch forstner bit, sand paper and finish.  All those things are a standard part of my shop but if you don't have a shop even a small project like this isn't going to happen.  Also note: 5/8 dowel is only approximately 5/8 in diameter.  I needed glue with serious gap filling characteristics to glue the dowels. 

  Changing topics completely, I guess that is my weekend brain jumping from one thing to another.  

  I just got a great photo from my son in law. 

   That's the Grand Daughter Clara, with tools.  Maybe she will be the one to inherit my shop tools one day.  There are some talented lady wood workers and I know Clara is going to be a lady. (with dirty fingernails, maybe).  I am also certain that she is going to be talented and we'll give her every opportunity to find her talent and develop it.  (so says the doting Opa)

I am back to my own computer.

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