Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Kreg Micro Pocket Hole Jig

  To keep things from falling off the top of the rolling glass cabinet I put a two inch board across the back edge.  

  I used a 5/8 inch board and attached it with pocket holes.  The screws act as clamps while the glue dries. 

  You can see the difference between the standard pocket hole block (3/8 inch holes) and the micro block with (19/64 or 7mm holes).  The micro jig is one of those tools that I only use a few times a year but I have found it to be worth having on hand. Kreg makes pan head screws to be used with this micro jig. I use the micro jig when working with 5/8 and 1/2 materials. 

  While I was working on this last project I was drilling holes in 3/4 inch material.  This set up is my third generation K-2000 pocket hole  jig. The K 2000 was the latest jig on the market when I started to work for KREG Company.

  Even though there are several newer models of jig I have kept the K 2000 set up. Having a dedicated 3/4 inch set up is quick and time efficient. You can see that the K 2000 has no built in chip collection which came one generation later.  If I am working on a project with many, many holes to drill I use the K-4 model with the chip collection. 

  cheers, ianw

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