Friday, December 16, 2016

Restoration Up date, and Two Videos.

  I have worked for several hours on the table.  Three of the legs came out, one of the leg's tenons was a mess.  I guess the full weight of the deer must have fallen on that leg.  It took a while to rebuild and reshape the tenon. I have yet to grind all the old glue and gunk out of the mortise holes.  Currently I've left off the legs so the tops sits firmly on my work bench as I sand and re-finish it.

  We've had some serious weather here this week so there was snow to shovel and a couple of winter preparation things to do. Today I cleared the bicycles and gardening stuff out of our garage and put my motorcycle to sleep for the winter.( always a sad day)  We clear the garage out enough that my wife's car can live inside for the winter which means bicycle are hung from the ceiling  the Honda Silverwing is put down for the winter.  I honour of those things I looked up one of my favourite motorcycle videos on You tube. It reminds me of a fantasy that I think all bikers have.

  This has nothing to do with wood working.  I certainly can't encourage anyone to ride like the Ghost Rider.  Watching this video is the current equivalent to reading "The Lone Ranger" when I was a kid.  It is never going to be me, but it is so cool.  Also I've been to Stockholm a couple of times and sent a few days in Uppsala two years ago.  If you want to go on a trip, I heartily recommend Sweden.

  Now, to return to something wood work related: 

   The video for making the table is very detailed and easy to follow. I think that this creates a live edge table that appears light, instead of heavy and rustic looking.  It is a good piece of work and the video is well worth watching.  

cheers, ianw

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