Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quick Stocking Stuffer and Weird Discovery by a Cheap Wood Worker

There are only a couple of days left until Christmas and this year I haven't spent much time on home made things.  Actually I haven't spent much time on things at all, we've all got stuff coming out of our ears.  Having said that I have decided to make some wooden money clips as stocking stuffers.                                                                                                                                      

hanging to dry

    This is a quick easy make.  I am using poplar for this one and have already given it one coat of shellac.  I made the end a little thicker than the last ones I made a year or so ago.  I am hoping that this clip will not split apart so readily. 

  I just whipped this one off this afternoon and will make a few more later.  The only thing I find tough will projects this small is holding on to them while sanding.  I roughed the shape on a power sander but finished the project of to 320 grit by hand.

  The weird discovery involves dry breakfast cereal.  You know the wax paper type bag that the cereal comes in?  It can be pulled apart into a good sized flat sheet of high quality paper for making gaskets on finish cans. Also I am planning to use it as a bench cover when doing glue ups and painting small parts. The paper in those bags seems to be higher quality than ordinary waxed paper... who knew?  I like the idea of using and re-using if I possibly can, 'cause I am cheap maybe.  

  This morning I ventured into the insanity that is Christmas shopping.  Is anyone buying anything or are they just driving around?

  cheers, ianw

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