Sunday, December 11, 2016

In the Work Shop - a restoration story.

  This is the object of my current attention. Three of these legs are very loose and wobbly.  One leg  is immobile. Part of the top and two of the legs are stained with deer blood.  The bark is loose on one side.  My mission.  To sand it down, glue it up and varnish it all around.

  This is one of those craftsmen jobs that people often don't respect.  I'm not going to do anything that is magic but I have at my finger tips all the tools that are necessary to do all those non-magical things. To night I worked on the legs. I spent a couple of hours sanding off the stains and the old varnish. To do that I have used four different grits of sand paper, and two different rasps. All those things are at hand in my shop, as well as two types of glue and one type of wood filler.

  Once all the glues and fillers are dry I will have to shape and repair the one leg's broken tenon then use another sort of glue to re-glue the three loose legs.  Next I'll turn the table over, strip the top and re-finish it will a combination of shellac and varnish.

  All this is easy because I have sand paper, rasps, glue, sanders, dust masks and various finishes, brushes, rags and I know how to use them.  ( and clamps )

  When I am done you will not be able to find the stains, the nicks or dents on the legs and the top will have a warm and welcoming glow. (I don't do high gloss).  It will be as good as new, or maybe better.  All of these things are easy, once you know how and have done it a dozen or so times.  

  Often we do not give crafts people credit.  I have too often heard people say "oh I could do that", yes but you didn't you, so ......give credit where credit is due.

  I maybe a bit cranky since I have spent so much time this evening sanding by hand that my hands are a bit crampy and sore.  The person for whom I am repairing and refinishing the table appreciates the effort and my semi-grumpiness is not aimed at her.

  I am watching the snow accumulate and blow around. Tomorrow I will shovel what is left. Tonight, a cool drink, Christmas lights and an audio book for company. (and out old cat).

cheers, ianw

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