Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Upper Canada Village Cabinet Maker's Shop

  Last week my Wife and I went to Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg Ontario. We arrived expecting to spend a hour or two and stayed for the entire day.  In fact we did not see and do all the things that were available to us. 
  The following three photographs show the working cabinet maker's shop. I loved the place.  It has about three major projects on the go and several small ones out but on the back burner. This shop has a big old work bench front and centre where the craftsman was flattening a pine board with hand planes. 

a wall full of tools. 

chairs made in the shop for use in the village.

  The village has a saw mill that provides raw materials for all the wood work in the village.  The cabinet maker gets wood from the village mill and then air dries in for at least a year before using it to make furniture, window frames and tools for use in the village.  What a great shop, lots of room and tonnes of natural light. 

  It was great to talk with the Village Cabinet Maker he knew the business from 1867 and has good hand tool skills as well.

   When we stopped for lunch we ate under a pavilion tucked away in a corner of the village. The wood work shows that they have skills and materials available that most of use can only dream of.

tenon timber framing holding up the roof. 

timber framing and a metal plate from the Village Black Smith.
  The saw mill cuts mostly soft wood but can cut hard wood like oak and maple.

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