Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pocket Hole Clamping Jig

  I have been making some more bike carrier boxes in my shop the last couple of days. To hold the ends to the bottom I use pocket hole screws and waterproof glue.  Since the bottom is 14 by 7 1/2 by 1/2 inch  and I am using the KREG Micro Pocket Drill Guide the KREG RAC clamp will not fit the smaller holes I needed to make a jig to hold the pieces together while I drove in the screws.

underside of the Bike Carrier Box

  I made the jig some time ago and have used it on a previous batch of these boxes and other projects.

 I used to work for Kreg Company and so have driven thousands of pocket screws and have found that proper set up and correct clamping makes everything faster and the results better.

  There is no question that KREG has developed some clever clamps to work with their pocket hole system but a set up like this can be made with shop scraps and a bit of time and tailored to fit a particular need. e.g. the micro jig.

 By clamping the Jig down and then clamping the wood to it I am able to hold the pieces of wood together to form a butt joint, I have also used this jig when assembling butt joints that were not pocket holes. 

right angle clamp frame
clamp frame holding two pieces of wood,
before clamping.

  With the correct tools all jobs are easier.

cheers, Ian W                               

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