Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Miscellaneous Wood Stuff

 Over the last few days I have been out of the shop and away visiting family and friends.  While I travel around I am always looking for wood related stuff, so things to share and some things as inspiration.

  So... here are a few photos that to took and the reasons why,

  The cabinet makers shop that was in this store is gone, I think it has been gone for a long time, but I love that they claimed "home of the dovetail drawer".  I wonder how many people look at that as they walk by and have no clue what it means.


French River Trading Post
Hungry Bear Restaurant

  This is the bench that sits on the veranda of the Hungry Bear Restaurant at the French River Trading Post on highway 69 north of the French River, well north of Perry Sound.  I have been stopping there for coffee, lunch or ice cream since I started driving north in 1978. I think chainsaw carving is way cool.


  Speaking of chainsaw carving, this is a two sided owl.  He looks good from both sides.

 In 1985 I worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources on the spring tree plant one the crew that planted these trees.  They were part of an orchard that was planted to yield superior pine cones.  It was hard work in black fly season and some days the flies made it the very worse job that I ever, ever did.  However the trees are great.

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