Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Wood, again.

  In this "modern" world I am always struck by how often the movies turn to Mozart, Bach, Wagner or Beethoven for their important mood setting music.  In the same way that those cultural icons are hard wired into our ascetic view of the world, wood is still a popular and attractive building material. 

  Twice in the last two weeks I was in buildings that made a feature of wood.  This building even has Cape Cod style wood shingles on its exterior. 

faux post and beam

  The most recent example of wood in form and function was on the New York State Through Way at the Ontario Stop, not far from Buffalo.  The coffee/bathroom stop was very inviting and comfortable.  I liked that, it said to me that the folks that got the contract for the highway lay-by actually had some taste and some interest in making their space inviting for people. Since they have no competition the building could have been an eye burning poured concrete monstrosity but it isn't is is wood and it is nice.

  These pictures are the ceiling in the lobby of the resort in the Caribbean where Eva, our Grandchildren and  I spent a week, two weeks ago. Each end of the lobby featured large stained glass windows and the wood was the darker stained colour. (the light coloured wood is just an over exposed shot, even a digital camera can be fooled).

   In the Caribbean much of the building construction seems to be painted poured concrete, which is efficient and effective. Wood can be efficient, effective and beautiful.

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