Monday, April 28, 2014

Things to Make with a Log

  On Saturday the Building and Grounds committee of our church had a spring clean up and the next morning the piles of tree branches reminded me of just tough our winter had been on our trees. Coming out of church I gathered up a few pieces of wood from the pile and brought it home. I got 10 good sized pieces of elm (I think) 5+ inches in diameter and 1 to 3 feet long. My plan is to turn some  small projects and to use some of the branches in bark-on  projects.

  I looked around the net to see what other ideas were out there and found two videos that I think you might like.

  Steve Ramsey's had a video of three projects.

Things to make with a Log

  A second video shows a Swedish Fire Torch:

Making a Swedish Torch Fire

  This is a neat idea too.  I can see this as a way to have a quick easy fire at a conservation area and you can do all the preparation for the fire at home and take it pre-packaged, just like taking pre-packaged food for the picnic.  If you are going some place where you can gather wood I suggest you take a saw like this.

Fiskars 10'' Sliding Pruning Saw 9258

  A saw like this will cut most anything you want to carry back to the camp site.  This type of saw is all most home owner need to look after their places.

  Right now my wood is green, so it is going to have to dry out a bit in the wood pile behind my house before I use it in any serious projects, but I will keep you posted.

cheers, Ian

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