Friday, April 11, 2014

Its Bird House Season

  There must be an unlimited number of designs for bird houses, and as we cut down the trees in the city, an almost unlimited need for more bird houses.

   Building a bird house is one of the earliest and easiest projects that you can do with a little person.  Kieran and I have made two bird houses already.  This summer it will be time for his little sister to get into the act as well, I think. ( blog on 4/13/12 and 09/10/13)

   When I typed bird house plans into the computer there came up 100's of pages.  I did like this one: 50 Free Bird House plans.

License Plate Bird House

  When you go to build your bird house it is a good idea to get advise on what size of hole is best for which species of bird.  You want to match the hole size to your local birds.  The trick is keeping the hole large enough for the bird but too small for the predator birds.

  I am sure that there is debate among the 'bird people' as to the very best size of hole, but, when isn't there debate.

  Something else I have been told.  It is not a good idea to put a perch or a stick by the hole on the bird house.  That perch supplies a place for predators to sit while reaching into the house for the eggs or the baby birds and a bird that is the right size for the hole flies in, it doesn't land on the perch and climb in.

   If every shop in the land made one bird house aimed at a local species of bird it could make a difference.

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