Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hand Planing Jig

 As I do more and more small projects I find myself often sanding and planing smaller pieces of wood.  To control the material while sanding I use a soft mat or bench cookies . Carpet under padding or drawer liner works pretty well and  is pretty cheap.  I like cheap matting because when it gets covered in glue and paint it gets tossed out.

  Planing on the other hand offered some challenges. I found trying to plane a small thin piece of wood a nuisance to set up and hold.  After some thought I arrived at my planing jig. ( I am sure I didn't invent this workshop solution, so I won't claim to)

  The jig is a flat piece of hardwood about 6 x 15 with two through dog holes at one end and a low stop at the other.  I can plane smaller boards against the stop laying flat or..

  I can stand a smaller board on edge and push it into a 'V' cut stop against the end stop. 


    I decided on dogs to hold the jig for the flexibility but I can use a bench clamp as well.

  In June 2016 I wrote about my small bench topper, bench top. These smaller bench jigs allow me more flexibility in where and how I work.  My hope is that being able to work in a variety of postures will keep me working longer before my back gives me troubles.  Also a smaller bench top keeps me from going crazy and making my work table look like a Swiss Cheese from dog holes.

  I not only have been working on my work station but I also got the panels glued into a box and today I fitted a bottom.  I say fitted because the box/foot stool is not really square, it is close to square.

  The bottom is held in place with KREG pocket holes.  I chose not to try and square all the panels before working with them.  Each panel is hand carved and approximately 15 inches square, but also each one is somewhat warped too. I felt that the artistic nature of the panels was best left as it, (since you can only see one side at a time) and I'd adjust and compromise on the 90 degree corners.  

  The top is drying as I type so this project will be done tomorrow.  The foot stool is for my brother's man cave.  What can a say, I have a workshop, he has a cave.

cheers, ianw

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