Monday, May 22, 2017

Folding and/or Pocket Knives

  I love edge tools, planes, knives, chisels scrapers etc.  For a very long time I have carried a folding knife in my pocket or briefcase, all the time.  I can't even guess how  many of my knives have been borrowed from my desk and not returned, lost or stolen.  All my knives are sharp and useful, even the ones that are really just souvenirs.

  This is most of my current collection of pocket knives.  I know that I have at least three others but they must be in tool bags, gym bags or suitcases at this moment. 

  In this collection are knives that I've bought in Switzerland, The Azores, Sweden, Germany and Spain.  As well there are knives from Japan, Canada, and the USA. There is an official "Boy Scouts of American" pocket knife.  The horn handled knives' blades were made by the World Champion Blade Maker in 2000. The oldest knife is the one part way down the right side with home made scales  that I've had since I was nine years old, I found it in the ditch in front of our house, only recently did I fix it up.  The two blade knife in the middle with the wood scales and brass ends was given to my by my Grandfather in 1979. The bigger two blade knife in the bottom middle was my fathers, I bought two at the Grohmann factory sixteen years ago, I don't know where the other one ended up.

  There are a couple of cheap knives that don't hold a very good edge so I use them to cut up cardboard and plastic, there are some knives that are scary sharp and will stay that way for a long time. 

  I have a few, straight knives for working in my shop and I also have a pretty good selection of wood carving knives.  

  Like I said, I like edge tools.

cheers ianw

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