Saturday, February 25, 2017

Last Minute Puffin

  Shortly we are headed to Gavle Sweden to visit with our grand daughters and their parents.  I have already made some trucks for the girls.  Last evening I decided I wanted to do something in the shop, but something small.  I got some carving tools out, copied a pattern and made a puffin

  This is a pocket puffin for the oldest girl.  I am planning to provide them with some little toys like I did her older cousins.  I made this little carving with a couple of basic knives, a small carving gouge and needle files.   There are times when I want to be in the shop, but I don't want to take on a big project.  Sometimes it is nice to settle down with a coffee, nice music in the back ground and whittle a while. 

   If you are living in a condo and still love wood you can whittle away the hours with some basic tools: 
utility knife kit ( you can skip learning how to sharpen, for a while)
sand paper 

 I suggest that you don't buy the cheapest saw or files. The Dollar Store does not sell tools worth taking home. All that you need is to get some bass wood, or linden and you are ready to go. If you really need inspiration look to Pinterest or Google Images for carvings and plans.

 It has been an easy month with holidays at both the beginning and end.  When we get home from this trip it will be time to settle down and get to work. (maybe)

cheers, ianw

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