Thursday, February 9, 2017

  I am just wrapping up my 'get away from the winter' holiday and beginning to turn my thoughts to my workshop again.

  I have a couple of projects for grand children that await me when I get home and the first tool that I will be using is my scrub plane while I knock  a small rought pieces of wood into shape.  I have a small truck and trailer to build. I have the wood sitting on the bench, it is all too small to go near power planers or saws. I will use various planes, knives and chisels to shape those trucks.

Scrub Plane

Sitting on my bench is my Veritas Scrub plane. I bought this plane several 
years ago and it just occurred to me the other day how often I reach for it. 
 I suspect that real woodworkers would shriek if they saw how I use my scrub 
plane, but tough. As you can see from the photo I amabout to turn my scrubber 
lose on a glued up cutting board. It will knock down the high spotsand clear away 
that glue in the blink of an eye. I will then turn the board over to the more gentle
ministrations of various smoothing planes and scrappers. I am also a fan of my 
random orbital sander.
    The scrub plane also comes to the fore when I need to clear away lots of wood 
in a hurry. I can remove material for smaller projects faster with the scrub than 
I can get the planner out of its corner in the shop and hook it up to the dust 
collection and move other things out of the way.

It is a work horse, or if you will a bull in a china shop. I do adjust its blade for 
depth of cut but usually it is an adjustment from very deep and aggressive to
sort of deep and slightly less aggressive. Not a delicate tool but one that I am 
really glad I own and use often.

cheers ianw

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